Ceramic head planters

Plant pots with faces, handmade

dark brown clay, glazed inside



"The head is round so that thoughts can change direction"

"Thoughts are free"





"Silent joy"

"Coco head"


The making-of a head planter

based on the "pinch pot" technique

Rolling the clay into a kind of cylinder

Pushing the thumb in the center of the clay cylinder. Pinching and pressing the clay upward with thumb and index finger.

Scraping surplus clay out of the interior and widening the pot.

Sculpting the face: modelling and joining nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes and brows

Smoothing the surface

Smoothing the details

Turning the pot upside-down and honing the details

Honing the face details and the rim

After drying, abrading the surface delicately

After drying, abrading the details delicately

Hoovering the pot befor glazing and pouring the glaze inside

Putting the pots in the kiln for bisque firing and glaze firing